Our law firm has extensive experience in arbitration procedures, in which it has participated in support of its clients, either before national arbitration courts or before international fora, such as ICC and LCC. More than 800 million Euros have been awarded in cases where the legal representative was Professor B. Christian and the law firm.

In the same framework, professor V. Christianos has acted as arbitrator in numerous cases.

Additionally, our law firm has experience in cases of judicial and extra-judicial resolution of disputes before national, EU and international authorities and courts, where the essential issue is to reach the best possible solution to the interests of the client.

Our law firm has also experience in legally representing companies in the framework of settlement procedures (NRAs) of the World Bank.

Prof. Dr. V. Christianos:

  • «Η θέση της Εμπορικής διαιτησίας στο δικαιοδοτικό σύστημα της Ευρωπαϊκής Κοινότητας», σε Γενέθλιον Απόστολου Σ. Γεωργιάδη, έκδ. Α. Ν. Σάκκουλα, 2006, σελ. 2077-2098
  • Έννοια διεθνούς δημόσιας τάξης σε σχέση με διαιτητική απόφαση στον τομέα του φυσικού αερίου (2011)