Our firm maintains, on a permanent basis, a helpdesk, in order to provide legal services to undertakings, which have been under investigation by the European Commission Anti-fraud Office (OLAF) for contracts which have received EU funding. Our firm is specialized in protecting the rights of the undertakings concerned in every step of the auditing procedure as well as after its conclusion, with regard to the final report.

Our firm can provide the briefing of undertakings concerning the limits of OLAF’s powers (access to information, access to premises), along with integrated counselling services and strategy proposals. Moreover, our associates can be present, at your request, during the investigation by OLAF, in order to safeguard the protection of the rights of your undertaking.

In the same framework, our law firm is specialized and has already provided legal support to undertakings in the adversary procedure before the Panel of the European Commission of Article 108 of the Financial Regulation.

Our firm is also specialized in introducing both actions for annulment and actions for damages against acts of the European institutions, namely OLAF, which are damaging to the interests of undertakings, such as the registration in the Early Warning System (EWS) and now Early Detection and Exclusion Database (EDES). In fact, our law firm has represented legal persons before the General Court and the Court of Justice of the EU (Cases Τ-320/09, C-564/13 P, T-207/16).