The General Court of the EU, by its judgment published on 13 December 2013, accepted an action submitted by the companies European Dynamics Luxembourg SA and Evropaïki Dynamiki – Proigmena Systimata Tilepikoinonion Pliroforikis kai Tilematikis AE against the European Commission. The defense of this case was entrusted to “Christianos and Partners Law Firm”.

More specifically, in case T-165/12, the aforementioned companies requested the General Court to annul the European Commission’s decision, whereby the European Commission rejected the applicants tender, by putting forward the following pleas: firstly, breach of the fundamental principles of transparency and proportionality, secondly, infringement by the Commission of the duty to state reasons and thirdly, breach of the general principle prohibiting the modification of contractual documents during the closed tendering procedure.

The General Court accepted the applicant’s argument that the Commission had breached the duty to state reasons under Article 100, paragraph 2 of the Financial Regulation (EC, Euratom) 1605/2002. Therefore, the General Court annulled the Commission’s contested decision.