About us:

Our Law Firm was established by Professor V. Christianos in 2002 and has since been active, legally representing natural and legal persons before all EU jurisdictions, the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and also before national courts, where it highlights aspects of EU law.

Our Law Firm is specialized in EU law and thus constitutes a boutique law firm with a view to provide exclusive expertise on EU law and its interaction with national law. Through a small and flexible team of lawyers having specialization and experience in EU law and in the law of international transactions, we are in a position to offer solutions even to the most complex legal issues of EU law.

Professor V. Christianos twenty years’ experience in the Court of Justice of the European Union, along with the firm’s keeping abreast with the European Union developments in all sectors, guarantee the high standards and the effectiveness of our legal services.

Our objective:

  • Providing high quality legal services, tailor-made to the client, in European and national law with emphasis on the interplay between domestic law on one hand, and European Union law on the other.
  • Finding innovative solutions and providing strategic advice on any issue involving EU law.
  • Representing natural and legal persons before the European Court of Human Rights.
  • Highlighting European law issues even in cases of national law, in order to achieve the most beneficial result for the client.
  • Our group of 4 lawyers is characterized by its excellence, its dynamism and its reactivity.

Our professional standards:

Scientific knowledge, professional ethics, long standing experience and the flexibility of a small and effective team, in direct contact with the client.