Competition law and internal market law constitute the basic pillars both of the EU and of the national legal orders. The production of legal documents is rich, with regard to both regulations, directives, decisions etc. and national legal instruments, which either transpose the EU legislative acts or regulate aspects of competition law and internal market law. The legal texts along with the case law of the Court of Justice, the General Court, the case law of the national Competition Authority and the national courts, complete the picture of one of the best regulated areas of EU law.

Our firm follows closely the developments in the field of competition and free movement and we are in position to provide integrated legal services to companies and private individuals on every aspect of competition or internal market law.

Professor Dr. V. Christianos was a member of the Hellenic Competition Commission (2005-2007) and has profound knowledge of competition law.

Our firm also specialises in legal counselling, litigation and in carrying out seminars for companies, which includes the provision of advice on the protection from future infringements (compliance programme).

Relevant expert legal opinion:

  • Compatibility with competition law of a company’s promotional actions (2017)
  • Examination of a potential violation of competition law with regard to a Settlement Agreement between the State and a private company (2017)
  • Restrictions in the exercise of the profession of a bailiff (2015)
  • Services of General Economic Interest in the electricity sector (2012)
  • Compatibility with competition law of an exclusivity clause (2011)
  • Obligation to supply services of general interest in the internal electricity market (2011)
  • Interpretation of the terms “direct and special participation in the exercise of public power” – notaries (2010)
  • Gambling, Lotteries and Bets in European Union Law (2006)
  • Vertical Agreements in Car Distribution and Competition Law Provisions (2005)
  • Road Assistance Insurance (Competition law, disclosure of documents) (2004)


Prof. Dr. V. Christianos

  • “Free movement of medical professionals under EEC law,” ed. Sakkoula, Athens, 1982 (translation from the original version in Greek)