Our law firm provides a complete range of legal services on corporate law issues and covers the entire spectrum of corporate activities. In particular, our firm provides legal counselling and litigation services with regard to companies’ governing bodies, Board of Directors’ liability issues, labour law, financial issues, negotiation and execution of contracts, etc.

Additionally, our law firm has experience in issues of conflict of interest and business ethics.

Relevant expert legal opinions:

  • Legal nature of a construction contract for a private project and aspects of tax law and social security law (2018)
  • Suspension of an e-shop and hosting agreement (2018)
  • Compatibility with EU law on privatization of public enterprise (2016)
  • Decision by Associations of Undertakings – Infringement of Competition Law (2006)
  • Corporate Mergers – Abuse of Right (2004)


Prof. Dr. V. Christianos:

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