Our law firm has provided numerous legal opinion in relation to energy law – especially in the field of natural gas and electricity.

Additionally, our law firm follows the developments underway in the EU with regard to legislative acts (regulations, directives, interpretative communications and other soft law instruments) and also the steps undertaken in the national legal order to meet the challenges of the use of alternative sources of energy.

Relevant expert legal opinions:

  • Examination of the legality of a gas pricing method in the light of national and EU law (2018)
  • Examination of barriers to the supply and import of natural gas (2017)
  • Interpretation of the terms “consumption site” in the natural gas sector (2015)
  • Services of General Economic Interest in the electricity sector (2012)
  • Obligation to supply services of general interest in the internal electricity market (2011)
  • Interpretation of international public order in relation to an arbitration judgment in the natural gas sector (2011)