Our law firm has extensive experience in defending cases of the staff of the EU and its institutions and agencies. In this framework, Professor Dr. V. Christianos has provided expert legal opinion in issues involving the operation of institutions and agencies of the EU.

More specifically, our law firm provides integrated services in all issues involving the EU Staff Regulation, including issues of OLAF and IAS investigations and disciplinary procedures. Additionally, our law firm has experience in handling tax law issues, special allowances and career progression (e.g. recruitment procedures, evaluation, dismissal).

The law firm has handled the following cases before the Courts of the EU: Τ-259/03, F-14/08, F-30/08, T-241/09, Τ-308/10 Ρ, C-220/13 P, F-63/13, F-112/13, F-75/14, F-29/15, Τ-581/16.

Our law firm has successfully handled cases concerning European Schools, in relation to the teaching staff (e.g. before the Complaints Board), to the administrative and ancillary staff and to the children attending them (e.g. in the framework of administrative actions) and has provided relevant expert legal opinions.
On their creation, the purpose of the European Schools was to educate together children of the staff of the institutions of the European Union from nursery school to secondary school.

Relevant expert legal opinions:

  • Extra-contractual liability of an EU agency in its cooperation with national authorities of member states (2018)
  • Contractual and extra-contractual liability of an EU agency and its staff (2017)
  • Prevention and management of risks of conflict of interest in the framework of an EU agency (2017)
  • Legal opinion on the Convention defining the Statute of the European schools (2012)
  • Compatibility with EU law of a special contribution imposed on EU employees (2009)