The regulation of financial institutions and the functioning of capital markets are highly technical fields of law. Our firm has dealt with many cases concerning the implementation of national and European law in the sector of capital market law and has repeatedly provided legal advice and legal expert opinions on banking law issues (e.g. merger of banks, compliance of procedural banking rules with the European law, DTA, DTC, etc.).

The judicial activity of our law firm in this field includes the recognition from the national courts of the Greek Capital Market Commission’s liability for omission of supervision, as well as the recognition of liability of the Investment Services Guarantee Fund for refusing to compensate investors, pursuant to EU Directives. Additionally, our law firm has submitted before the General Court of the EU three actions for damages in relation to the haircut of savings in the CPB (Cases T-495/14, T-496/14 and T-765/14).

Relevant expert legal opinions:

  • Compatibility with EU law of clauses included in household loans concluded in swiss francs (2017)
  • Compatibility with EU law of a national legal provision in relation to DTA/DTC (2016)
  • Examination of decrees of the Cyprian government on CPB in the light of EU law (2015)
  • Procedural Privileges of Banks in the light of European Law (issues: competition, state aids, freedom of establishment and services) – (2005)


Prof. Dr. V. Christianos:

  • Investor’s protection as a consumer in Community Law,” Elliniki Dikaiosini, 2002, pp. 1558–1568 (translation from the original version in Greek)