Fundamental rights and freedoms are under severe pressure. On the other hand, our legal systems provide a wide range of tools for their protection, both in national level and in the level of EU and the Council of Europe.

Our firm has extensive experience in defending cases of administrative law and human rights, which are being treated from the angle of national law and the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) (AFFAIRE NEGREPONTIS-GIANNISIS c. GRÈCE, AFFAIRE KOKKINAKIS c. GRÈCE, AFFAIRE EFSTRATIOU ET AUTRES c. GRÈCE) and now from the angle of the Charter of Fundamental Rights which has the same legal value as the EU Treaties.

Our firm provides legal support in cases of human rights violation by the European Union Institutions and the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) before the General Court and the Court of Justice of the EU (for instance, Cases F-30/08, T-308/10 P, T-259/03, T-617/17) and the European Ombudsman (Case 2676/2009/ΑΝΑ).

Our firm also provides legal services on issues covering the entire scope of Greek administrative law (actions for annulment, actions for damages, etc.).

Finally, our law firm has extensive experience in cases of access to documents; in this framework, it has handled requests under regulation 1049/2001 and it has represented natural and legal person in judicial proceedings before the Courts of the EU (for instance, Case T-29/18).

Relevant expert legal opinions:

  • Access to documents in light of regulation 1049/2001 and interpretation of the terms “investigation”, “internal use”, “overriding public interest” and “judicial procedures” (2016)